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Testimonial – Chanel

This right here…this is for myself and our family! #thankful

What you don’t see in this picture:

•A mom with her sunglasses on who couldn’t keep from sobbing to the #ElPolloLoco drive thru lady while trying to order her chicken salad as she opened her paychecks!
•A woman who never, in a million years, thought she could have this type of weekly residual income.
•A lost girl who was questioning how long It would take to pay off her medical bills after being told she couldn’t have anymore babies.
•A wife who text her husband and said, “it’s ok babe, I’m heading to the bank to deposit these checks…no need for overtime this week!”

What you do see is:

•A woman who is pulling herself together and smiling at the fact that she can see a light at the end of the tunnel.
•A wife who can go to her husband and say, “I’ve got this!”
•A mom who can continue living her best life with her lil man everyday!
•A true testament that God works in mysterious ways that you would’ve never guessed would be possible!
All I know is, I am a FIRM believer that things happen for a reason, and people are placed in your life for a purpose! Whether in person or through social media..and I honestly can say, I’ve never felt more hopeful then I did today!💖
It’s all within you! Anything is POSSIBLE! Just BELIEVE!🙌🏻 I’ll help you along the way!!! Help you believe in yourself! YOU just have to let me know!