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The Benefits of MSM Sulfur

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Taking a daily MSM supplement is one of the best actions you can take today to improve your health and well being. Readily available from both brick and mortar stores and online merchants, MSM is an incredible alternative medicine for many of life’s chief illnesses,  pains, and complaints. 

In western cultures it has become standard for us to run to the doctor every time a new symptom emerges. Chances are, a prescription will be written for the majority of them. This is often costly and accompanied by unpleasant and even debilitating side effects. It doesn’t have to be that way! 

Adding MSM to your diet can greatly reduce your reliance on the myriad of prescription and over the counter medications that are used to treat everything from frequent headaches to allergies and premenstrual disorders. However, the sick are not the only people that can benefit from using MSM. Otherwise healthy and active adults may see pleasant improvements to their skin and complexions as well as improved flexibility, strengthen hair and nails, increased energy, and improved digestion. MSM can also make your skin and nails look much better! Keratin, which is found in our nails, hair, and skin is strengthened by its sulfur bond. MSM can truly benefit every facet of health and wellness, on the inside and on the outside! 

Proponents of MSM use have seen that it is especially useful in combating many diseases and conditions. An increased intake of the sulfur containing compound has been beneficial in those that have struggled with poor blood circulation, stomach ulcers, chronic constipation and bowel disorders, and diabetes. Athletes have also credited it for naturally enhanced sports performance, and improved recovery after exercise. 

MSM can be ingested as well as applied topically. It’s easy to use, side effects if any are minimal, it’s incredibly affordable, and it is free of any unpleasant odors or tastes. Taking around 500 mg of MSM a day has been shown to prevent sulfur deficiencies, support the construction of healthy connective tissues, reduce painful inflammation, and many more healthy benefits. MSM is often described as the miracle of supplements and it is not hard to see why. The benefits comprise a long list and offer renewed hope to the many people that suffer from poor health and painful conditions. 

MSM has the added benefit of being proven as exceptionally safe. Toxicity studies in animals have shown that it is as pure and safe as water. No known allergies have been reported. Escape the shackles of ill health. Take charge of your health today and join the millions who have experienced the benefits of MSM and can now enjoy life the way that they always wanted to! As always, be sure to inform your physician any time you start a new supplement or medication. 

Source : Sulfurhealth.com


7 Channels of Elimination

Detoxification And Your Health: The Bodies 7 Systems

If you want to be healthy you need to understand the seven systems that the body uses to eliminate waste and toxic matters. When these systems are working effectively the result is good health. When they are compromised all types of complications can result. If you want to understand detoxification you need to have a clear understanding of the bodies channels of elimination.

When the body confronts a toxin or foreign substance it uses these channels of elimination to purge the toxin as quickly as possible. They key to excellent health is knowing these 7 channels of elimination like the back of your hand and doing everything possible to keep them functioning optimally.

In 1904 a Russian Naturopathic Physician by the name of Eli Metchnikof discovered that the body would recycle any toxin that it was not capable of purging. In the recycling process the body would utilize all 7 channels of elimination to try and get the toxic substance removed from the body. This is important to understand because if your health has been compromised it would stand to reason that one or more of the bodies channels of elimination are not working effectively.

Most people cannot even name the bodies seven channels of elimination. If you value your health do everything you can to understand these seven vital cleannsing systems.

The Liver is the bodies factory. It metabolizes food, filters toxins and converts ingredients into substances that are needed in all parts of the body. Your liver is one of the largest and most important organs in your body. The Liver when healthy will store vitamins, sugars, fats and other nutrients from the food that you eat. The Liver builds chemicals that your body needs to stay healthy and breaks down harmful substances, like alcohol and other toxic (poisonous) chemicals. It also removes waste products from your blood and makes sure that your body has just the right amount of other chemicals that it needs.

Learn about the Liver by picking up a basic book on health and supplement accordingly.

Your LUNGS are in charge of breathing so you better take care of them. The best way to take care of the lungs is to give them lots of exercise. The best way to keep your lungs healthy is not to smoke. Smoking isn’t good for any part of your body, and your lungs especially hate it. Deep breathing of fresh air is the best exercise for the LUNGS. Spend 15 minutes each day doing deep breathing exercises.

Lymphatic System
Regular exercise is the best treatment that your lymphatic system can receive. The Lymphatic is the bodies filter system which supports immune function. A healthy lymphatic system filters out bacteria and other foreign particles. A natural herb by the name of arabanogalactan is a natural cleanser of the lymphatic system.

The blood is a liquid organ which transfers and transports substances throughout the body. It is what delivers the needed nutrition to those areas that are in need. Red Clover and Chlorella are wonderful natural cleansers of the blood system. A regular exercise routine stimulates the blood system and assists the body in eliminating waste.

The Skin is the bodies largest organ. By sweating naturally you assist in cleansing the skin and keeping it elastic and healthy. Going to a Sauna and sweating is a wonderful health regimen for the skin.

The colon is vital to effective health because it serves the function of transporting waste out of the body. Hydration of the digestion system will improve Colon Health. This can be done by drinking an equivalent number of ounces of water to your body weight every day. Also, hydrating the colon through Colon Hydrotherapy has proven to be very beneficial to re-etablishing health.

Your chances of developing a kidney stone in your lifetime are 1 in 10? In 1995, more than 3 million people in the United States had some type of kidney condition such as an infection, kidney stones or cancer. More than 300,000 people suffer from renal failure each year and undergo dialysis or await a kidney transplant.

The kidneys produce urine which is the waste in the body. Often kidney problems are the result of dehydration. A natural supplement that cleanses and provides needed nutrition for the kidneys is Corn Silk.

If you want to understand good health you ned to understand these seven channels of elimnation. I urge you to understand these seven channels of elimination and do everything possible to assist them in your pursuit of excellent health.

The Author: Charles O. Palmerson


Goji Berry Article

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The Effects of Lycium Barbarum Juice on human blood.
“Dr. Marcial-Vega has studied ‘before’ and ‘after’ effects of various treatments on the blood for years in thousands of patients. He also devised a revolutionary system to study ‘live’ blood, using a microscope and video camera to record the result. These images are microscopic slides of human samples from Dr. Marcial-Vega’s research and his obeservations on goji’s incredible impact on a patient’s blood over a seven-day period.

Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega. Completed residency at John Hopkins School of Medicine Dr. Marcial-Vega studied the effects of goji juice on the human body for nearly three years.

Blood That is Too Acidic
This is the blood of one of my patients before he began drinking goji. It looks like there are stacks of coins piled against each other. Those are red blood cells. They are not supposed to be like that. They are supposed to be separate from each other, nice and round, and floating around the blood transporting oxygen, which is not happening here. The blood is very acidic. So, in this person is not an adequate transport of oxygen. The little dots in the background are bacteria in the blood. We are not sterile. In this particular person, the bacteria levels are way above normal. The dark spots in the background are pieces of cholesterol.

Improvement Just Hours After Drinking Goji
This is what happened 24 to 36 hours after drinking goji juice in the same patient. The cells have separated, meaning the blood is becoming more alkaline. Oxygen is being transport better. The bacteria floating in the background are still there, but there has been improvement. The white blood cell in the center is moving up and is becoming wider. It is supposed to move across the blood, eat the bacteria, eat the cholesterol pieces and recognize what is supposed to be there. Again, the white blood cell in the center is becoming wider because it is moving up and to the sides. Its edges are not fixed.

A Week Later
And after seven days of taking goji: Look at the cells, There is very little anemia-Just a little bit in the lower right-hand corner. But most of the cells have a good content of hemoglobin. So we are seeing at the cellular blood level how goji and subsequent alkalinization of the blood is affecting the parameters that we know make a big difference in predicting how these people are going to do. Not only that, but this white cell looks healthy. It is well-delineated edge. It is not fuzzy like the first one we saw.”

Source :  Breakthroughs in Health – Volume 2 Issue 3

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Why Drink Noni by Dr. Solomon

21 Reasons to Drink Noni Juice by Dr. Neil Solomon M.D. Ph.D.
1. Prevent and Protect Against Cancer — Morinda citrifolia might exert a preventative and protective action against cancer during the initiation stage, which is the first phase of the formation of the cancer. Many feel antioxidant activity is an important function of Noni juice and one of the reasons so many people have reported success with cancer while using the juice.
2. Alleviates Symptoms of Arthritis — There are several ways in which Noni may alleviate the undesirable symptoms of arthritis. Pain is the number one complaint with arthritis. Because Noni has analgesic qualities, it can help relieve this pain. Morinda citrifolia has also been shown to contain scopoletin, which has anti-inflammatory and histamine-inhibiting effects, both of which are excellent for the promotion of smooth joint movement. The cellular-enhancing qualities of Noni may also minimize damage to the joints and other involved tissues.
3. Fights Heart Disease — Noni juice can help with high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Some scientists believe that xeronine can help promote a healthy cell structure within the circulatory system. Noni juice can also lessen the symptoms of heart disease.
4. Lowers High Blood Pressure — In my research, 85 percent of Noni juice drinkers reported decreased blood pressure while drinking Noni juice.
5. Strengthens the Immune System — Noni juice boosts the overall immune system of the body and helps to maintain optimal health. Noni may help modulate a healthy immune system by either enhancing an already functioning system, by stimulating the components of a sluggish one, or by decreasing an overactive immune system. The mechanism by which Noni can do these different functions is called Adatogenisis.
6. Reduces Symptoms of Fibromyalgia — Many people who suffer from fibromyalgia experience loss of energy. An increase in energy from Noni is a very positive side effect from the juice. Seventy0seven percent of people with fibromyalgia reported lessened symptoms after they began drinking Noni juice.
7. Fortifies Cell Structure — Noni is believed to fortify and maintain cell structure. This can be accomplished by Noni helping the body heal itself and because Noni can aid “sick” cells in repairing themselves.
8. Helps Control Diabetes — Noni can aid in the regulation of insulin secretion by the pancreas, helping control diabetes. Drinking Noni may also help relieve diabetic symptoms through its ability to stimulate the body’s production of nitric oxide. Both may also be important factors in decreasing symptoms such as poor circulation and vision problems.
9. Reduces Symptoms of Asthma — Noni may help in reducing the severity of the symptoms of asthma by boosting and modulating the immune system and enhancing the cellular structure of the bronchioles.
10. Fights Depression — Noni’s ability to modulate natural bio-chemicals such as brain hormones might be why many people have felt less depress after drinking Noni juice.
11. Offers Pain Relief — Some scientists believe that Noni is associated with the body’s production of a very important biochemical known as serotonin, which may involve the xeronine system that is believed to promote the body’s ability to ward off pain.
12. Helps Promote Weight Loss — Noni may help you lose weight by promoting better sleep, aiding in the regulation of blood sugar levels, and by boosting the number of antioxidants in the body.
13. Helps Control ADHD — Noni may be helpful for this condition in both children and adults thought its ability to modulate the production of some of he chemicals in the brain as well as increase overall cellular health in the brain.
14. Helps Treat Migraines — Preliminary results show that there is a non/serotonin relationship. Studies suggest that Noni juice was clinically helpful in the treatment of migraines.
15. Successful in the Treatment of Addictions — Noni juice has been said to be successful in the treatment of addictions to heroine, cocaine, marijuana, nicotine, alcohol, prescription drug use and caffeine.
16. Protects Against Strokes — Noni may help inhibit premature coagulation in the blood, preventing platelets form clumping together into clots associated with strokes.
17. Lowers Cholesterol — Noni is a potent free radical scavenger that can contribute to lower cholesterol levels and prevents LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) from oxidizing.
18. Increases Memory — Noni may be used by the brain to encode long-term memory and enhance blood flow to the brain.
19. Strengthens the Nervous System — Noni functions as a “messenger molecule” that may allow nerve cells in the body and the brain to communicate effectively.
20. Encourages Detoxification — Noni can increase the rate of liver detoxification by more than 50 percent.
21. Improves Skin Condition — Noni can be used topically. Its anti-inflammatory and histamine-inhibiting effects can help fight allergies, skin conditions and inflammation