30 Day Update!

I am officially 30 days in with Genesis Pure!  (insert applause)  I have been taking cleanse, goyin, and build on a daily basis.  I had been suffering from night driving issues for years.  The oncoming lights from cars would look like christmas trees.  I often chose not to drive at night just to be safe.  Lately, that vision has cleared and I’m seeing very well at night.  I have lost the desire for caffeine (5 hour energy, etc).  Overall energy has improved, which in my case is saying a lot because I always had energy to begin with.

I have started taking Mila with water daily and loving it!  Stay tuned in for my 60 day update!  I hope to bring you more good news!

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Time to lose the fast food!


When you look at whole (healthy) and fast (junk) foods side by side, it becomes clear that money is not the primary issue for most of us, even if we are on a tight budget. We’re not comparing apples to apples or even apples to oranges. We’re comparing apples to orange-flavored “fruit” snacks or Apple Jacks to oranges. The reasons why we aren’t choosing the “right” foods are different for each of us, but recurring themes emerge: We’re hooked on them, they taste good, they’re more convenient, they’re easier than learning to cook.


Starches (pasta, rice, bread, potato chips, flour tortillas), sugar, or foods high in sugar (cookies, candy, and cakes) have a higher respiratory quotient than protein and healthy fats. Foods that have a higher respiratory quotient metabolize into carbon dioxide quickly. Carbon dioxide is the by-product which escapes your lungs as you exhale. Having high carbon dioxide in the body makes you feel weak and tired. Simpler carbohydrates have a higher respiratory quotient, and therefore will make you feel less energized, weak, and tired. You should still consume complex carbohydrates for the many health benefits such as high fiber, vitamins, and minerals contained in these foods, but when choosing starchy foods always opt for the whole grain, whole wheat, whole oat, or whole corn option


Genesis Pure products can help give you the nutrients and benefits of health that you have been missing.  Let me go over these items with you through this site.  I use them myself and have lost the craving for high fat, high sodium snacks.  This is my personal experience, not a claim.  Click on “Our Products” on the top of the site to learn more.



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Why Drink Noni by Dr. Solomon

21 Reasons to Drink Noni Juice by Dr. Neil Solomon M.D. Ph.D.
1. Prevent and Protect Against Cancer — Morinda citrifolia might exert a preventative and protective action against cancer during the initiation stage, which is the first phase of the formation of the cancer. Many feel antioxidant activity is an important function of Noni juice and one of the reasons so many people have reported success with cancer while using the juice.
2. Alleviates Symptoms of Arthritis — There are several ways in which Noni may alleviate the undesirable symptoms of arthritis. Pain is the number one complaint with arthritis. Because Noni has analgesic qualities, it can help relieve this pain. Morinda citrifolia has also been shown to contain scopoletin, which has anti-inflammatory and histamine-inhibiting effects, both of which are excellent for the promotion of smooth joint movement. The cellular-enhancing qualities of Noni may also minimize damage to the joints and other involved tissues.
3. Fights Heart Disease — Noni juice can help with high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Some scientists believe that xeronine can help promote a healthy cell structure within the circulatory system. Noni juice can also lessen the symptoms of heart disease.
4. Lowers High Blood Pressure — In my research, 85 percent of Noni juice drinkers reported decreased blood pressure while drinking Noni juice.
5. Strengthens the Immune System — Noni juice boosts the overall immune system of the body and helps to maintain optimal health. Noni may help modulate a healthy immune system by either enhancing an already functioning system, by stimulating the components of a sluggish one, or by decreasing an overactive immune system. The mechanism by which Noni can do these different functions is called Adatogenisis.
6. Reduces Symptoms of Fibromyalgia — Many people who suffer from fibromyalgia experience loss of energy. An increase in energy from Noni is a very positive side effect from the juice. Seventy0seven percent of people with fibromyalgia reported lessened symptoms after they began drinking Noni juice.
7. Fortifies Cell Structure — Noni is believed to fortify and maintain cell structure. This can be accomplished by Noni helping the body heal itself and because Noni can aid “sick” cells in repairing themselves.
8. Helps Control Diabetes — Noni can aid in the regulation of insulin secretion by the pancreas, helping control diabetes. Drinking Noni may also help relieve diabetic symptoms through its ability to stimulate the body’s production of nitric oxide. Both may also be important factors in decreasing symptoms such as poor circulation and vision problems.
9. Reduces Symptoms of Asthma — Noni may help in reducing the severity of the symptoms of asthma by boosting and modulating the immune system and enhancing the cellular structure of the bronchioles.
10. Fights Depression — Noni’s ability to modulate natural bio-chemicals such as brain hormones might be why many people have felt less depress after drinking Noni juice.
11. Offers Pain Relief — Some scientists believe that Noni is associated with the body’s production of a very important biochemical known as serotonin, which may involve the xeronine system that is believed to promote the body’s ability to ward off pain.
12. Helps Promote Weight Loss — Noni may help you lose weight by promoting better sleep, aiding in the regulation of blood sugar levels, and by boosting the number of antioxidants in the body.
13. Helps Control ADHD — Noni may be helpful for this condition in both children and adults thought its ability to modulate the production of some of he chemicals in the brain as well as increase overall cellular health in the brain.
14. Helps Treat Migraines — Preliminary results show that there is a non/serotonin relationship. Studies suggest that Noni juice was clinically helpful in the treatment of migraines.
15. Successful in the Treatment of Addictions — Noni juice has been said to be successful in the treatment of addictions to heroine, cocaine, marijuana, nicotine, alcohol, prescription drug use and caffeine.
16. Protects Against Strokes — Noni may help inhibit premature coagulation in the blood, preventing platelets form clumping together into clots associated with strokes.
17. Lowers Cholesterol — Noni is a potent free radical scavenger that can contribute to lower cholesterol levels and prevents LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) from oxidizing.
18. Increases Memory — Noni may be used by the brain to encode long-term memory and enhance blood flow to the brain.
19. Strengthens the Nervous System — Noni functions as a “messenger molecule” that may allow nerve cells in the body and the brain to communicate effectively.
20. Encourages Detoxification — Noni can increase the rate of liver detoxification by more than 50 percent.
21. Improves Skin Condition — Noni can be used topically. Its anti-inflammatory and histamine-inhibiting effects can help fight allergies, skin conditions and inflammation